Bespoke Design

We love designing for our Bespoke clients! We help to choose fabric colours to suit skin tone, hair colour, occasion and personality. Using our extensive knowledge of different fabrics and its qualities, we advise on form, drape, structure, durability and care. 

The process starts with a free consultation during which we get to know the client and establish their design brief, which enables us to prepare sketches and a cost estimate.

Next we take an extensive set of the client's measurements which we use to create a 2D pattern. Using the pattern we put together a toile in calico which is fitted on the client to perfect the fit. When we are satisfied with the fit of the toile, we start working on the final garment.

We can advise on shoes, accessories and hat hire if needed. We prefer starting off no later than six months before the big day, to ensure the best possible service for our discerning clients.

Supporting our Sustainably Minded ethos, we use Cupro to line  our bespoke garments. Also known as vegan silk, cupro is a breathable material made from cotton waste. Our used calico toiles are cut up and made in to new garments, further reducing waste. 

Any offcut scraps that we can not reuse go to a local charity shop which sells it on to recycle centres.

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